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Cortez Morgan Company, which has been increasing its global and sectoral capacity day by day with its activities in many countries, especially in Australia, for 100 years, was founded in 1921 by Cortez Collen, a member of the Collen family living in Queensland, Australia, in order to carry out mining operations on Mount Morgan which has the best natural mineral resources of the region and the country.

The company, which has been operating in the mining sector for years, established its first foundry in 1955 in order to meet its own requirements of the mining sector, which is its main activity, and to take part in the long term in the global sense. Not only did it succeed in meeting its own requirements, the company started to become an alternative resource for many companies and countries and to become famous in the steel industry.

Subsequently, with the developing technology, growing capital and the increase in the company’s global awareness, it started to manufacture machinery with a new venture in 1985. Thus, the company started to produce many machines and parts, especially slitting machines, cutting knives, furnaces, which are required in iron – steel and brick production, under its own roof, and continued its development by entering the machinery manufacturing sector.

In the processes starting with the raw materials up to the product for the companies established under its structure due to the need for globally trading on mineral prices, Iron-Steel prices, machine pieces prices it started to serve in the financial sector as well in 2012 with the aim of increasing its dominance, awareness and reliability in the markets.

Today, as the Cortez Morgan family, we are clearly emphasizing our global development, which provides active services in the mining, iron and steel, machinery parts manufacturing and finance sectors in approximately 20 countries, carries out production in line with global climate targets, contributes to technological developments, and makes a name for itself globally.


Cortez Collen

Cortez Collen, who devoted himself to his business, died in 1958 at the age of 67

“We remember Mr.Collen who is the honorable founder and the first and most valuable member of the family that consists over 7000 people from 5 continents, 14 countries and 30 subsidiary with love and respect.”

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