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Technical Analysis

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Technical Analysis is one of the significant analysis methods that is frequently used by investors. With the help of Technical Analysis, it’s possible to make assumptions based on past price movements. While Fundamental Analysis makes an assumptions with macro data, Technical Analysis only makes assumptions based on past price movements and charts. Both Technical and Fundamental analysis don’t provide a precise information, there are expectations based on assumptions in both.

There are particular indicators created based on mathematical formulas in order to forecast the next price movement in Technical Analysis. Indicators show signals based on price movements for buying or selling the asset. It can be accepted that if multiple indicators gives positive signals towards the expectation, the price might follow the expectation.

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Steps of Technical Analysis

CM Globals | Education Step 1

Basics and How to Read Charts

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Chart Types, Support-Resistance Points and Trends

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Indicators, Formations and Moving Averages

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Technical Analysis in Practice