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How can I get education?2023-12-26T08:35:30+00:00

You can fill the form using Education section of our website or you can request it by contacting your investment assistant.

Is the education provided by HowToTrade free?2022-10-17T07:35:57+00:00

HowToTrade is an independent education platform which requires paid membership. However, all educational expenses are covered by our institution. Please do not pay if any fee is requested.

Is there any education related service provided by CM Globals except for the lectures?2022-09-28T19:04:33+00:00

Yes, your investment account is being monitored constantly by our experts and you’ll be given feedbacks about your strong/weak sides via both written form and one-to-one online meetings.

How can I be updated about the latest news?2023-12-26T08:36:21+00:00

You can contact with your personal investment assistant during working hours, check the daily bulletin sent you on every weekdays.

Is it possible to get education without making a deposit?2022-09-28T19:04:25+00:00

To be able to get free education creating an account on isn’t enough, this service is only given to active investors.

What is an IB?2022-09-28T19:04:20+00:00

IB means Introducing Broker and they are as well traders. The difference between an individual trader and an IB is IBs are introducing the brokerage house and bringing new traders. An IB earns a rebate commission based on the number of the traders he/she brought or the each lot size they made. You can earn a passive income as becoming an IB. Feel free to contact us from the partnership section of our website to become an IB.

What is a Master IB?2022-09-28T19:04:16+00:00

Master IB is simply more experienced IB that works with CM Globals for a long time with a lot of investors under their IB tree. Master IBs can get a special agreement that consists special rewards in it and their rebate commissions might be higher.

What is Rebate Commission and what can be done with it?2022-09-28T19:04:11+00:00

Rebate Commission is a withdrawable money that can be earned based on the lot size of the traders under your IB tree made. For example let’s imagine that your IB profile allows you to take 3$ per lot and 300$ accumulated in your wallet. You can withdraw that money instantly or you can deposit it into your trading account directly using your cabinet.

What is Affiliate Code?2022-09-28T19:04:08+00:00

Affiliate Code is the code special for an IB and the traders coming with his reference should share the code with our team in order to make the relevant IB earn rebate commission on the trades.

Is it possible for a trader to become an IB while being attached to another IB’s tree?2022-09-28T19:04:00+00:00

Yes, It’s possible to become a sub IB or higher IB. In this case, your higher IB should meet the requirements to become a Master IB. If (s)he meets the requirements you both can earn rebate commission but if (s)he doesn’t meet the requirements you’re considered as a separate IB and will unattached from his/her tree.

When are the investment assistants available?2023-12-26T10:05:47+00:00

The working hours of our investment assistants may change according to the time zone. We have two different shifts. First one is between 9.30 am – 6.00 pm (UTC +11 ) the other one is between 9.30 am – 6.00 pm (UTC +3).

When is your support line available and how can I reach them?2023-12-26T10:07:11+00:00

Our support line is available UTC 06:30 a.m – 08:00 p.m and you can get help via +61 485 855 815.

Is there any other option to contact with your support line?2023-12-26T08:48:41+00:00

You can always send us an e-mail using address.

I forgot my password what should I do?2022-09-28T19:03:44+00:00

You can use “I forgot my password” option while logging in to change your password or after you’ve have proven that you’re the account holder and give permission to us we can change it for you and you can change it again yourself later.

I think someone else is using my account without my permission. What should I do?2022-09-28T19:01:32+00:00

Immediately change your password and inform us we’ll be checking our journals about the suspicious logins. Your data is stored in our databases with strong encryptions and is not share with anybody including our staff. Thus, do not share your password with third parties for the grievance derived from it CM Globals brokerage house is not responsible.

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