Principal Service, Permanent Benefit, Income Stability, Living as One, Giving Inspiration and Touching Lives are our values.

Rooted past

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Our Values

A company with a long history can only exist with its principles and cultural values. While our principles enables us to do our job in the best and leading way, our cultural values provide a basis for our perspective in which the human and the life is the priority.

Principal Service

The principles are the basis of a qualified work.

Permanent Benefit

The biggest investment for a company on its way of growing is the permanent benefit of its customers.

Income Stability

Enabling the customers to do the ideal work in a stable way will bring mutual benefit.

Living as One

Bringing forth awareness of income to the individuals and the society is a social responsibility.

Giving Inspiration

To be a part of the stories giving inspiration or to support those stories is a motivation for the others.

Touching the lives

If a company doesn’t pass by the life and cares its problems, it means that the company’s humanistic reflexes are developed.


“Bringing forth awareness of income to the individuals and the society is a social responsibility.”

CM Globals | Oltalom Foundation

Oltalom Foundation

The Oltalom Foundation was established in 1989 as a community of people who see it as a matter of conscience to support various social strata, groups and individuals in spiritually and socially abandoned, vulnerable or endangered living conditions.

But Oltalom not only supports these people, but also guides them to stand on their own feet. It helps people to earn their own income and integrate into society through occupational therapy and job search activities.

As CM Globals, we make donation every month to support the most precious work of Oltalom Foundation.

CM Globals

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